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Feminism & Masculinities

Edited by Peter Murphy

This Reader provides an international mixture of the best classic foundational pieces and recent key works that investigate masculinity from a feminist perspective. The chapters examine a wide range of topics including gay liberation, the men’s movement, black and working-class masculinities, homophobia and the Internet.

Essays by Jack Sawyer, Carl Wittman, John Stoltenberg, Bob Lamm, Joseph H. Pleck, Andres Tolson, Men’s Free Press Collective, Paul Hoch, Paul Willis, Robert Staples, Emmanuel Reynaud, Tim Carrigan, Bob Connell, John Lee, Gary Kinsman, Michael S. Kimmel, Kenneth Clatterbaugh, Marjorie Kibby, Brigid Costello, Abby L. Ferber, Lousie Archer and Samuel Adu-Poku


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