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The Case Against The Jedi Order

By Jonathan McIntosh Pop Culture Detective Agency

At their core George Lucas’s six Star Wars films are coming of age stories about boys becoming men. Both Luke and Anakin Skywalker are guided and shaped by the principles of the Jedi Order but buried within Jedi teachings we find some troubling and deeply unhealthy ideas about masculinity.

Männerphantasien / Klaus Theweleit
Breaking The Boys Code Of Masculinity / Bill Pozzobon
It Makes Me Cry In A Cool Way | Harry Styles
The End of Patriarchy: Radical Feminism for Men | By Robert Jensen
Das Lachen der Täter, Psychogramm der Tötungslust / Klaus Theweleit
Jacky im Königreich der Frauen / Riad Sattouf
Wenn Männer mir die Welt erklären / Rebecca Solnit
Laurie Penny On Weinstein | News October 2017
John Oliver on Alex Anger Jones (InfoWars)
Audio-Essay: Das verteufelte Geschlecht / Christoph Kucklick


Men’s Studies

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