Guyland: The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men / Michael Kimmel

Guyland – The Perilous World Where Boys Become Men

by Michael Kimmel


Nasty Boys

Extract from the New York Times Book Review by Wesley Yang

„The great question haunting our lifestyle journalists — are our daughters having healthy, empowering sex? — has an implicit counterpart: If not, are the emotionally misshapen men of their generation to blame?

Michael Kimmel, a sociologist at the State University of New York at Stony Brook, the author previously of the cultural history of “Manhood in America” and one of the leading lights of the emerging academic subfield known as men’s studies, has finally asked, and even tried to answer, that question, at book length.

[…] On the one hand, Kimmel tells us he is writing about the kind of children who “were rewarded for every normal developmental milestone as if they were Mozart.” On the other hand, these boys are all taught the “Guy Code” — a set of crude injunctions (“boys don’t cry,” “don’t get mad, get even,” “bros before hos,” “size matters”and so forth) whose “unifying emotional subtext . . . involves never showing emotions or admitting to weakness.”

Meritocratic parents who strive to turn their ordinary progeny into gifted children do not teach the pitiless masculine creed of frontier America, but Kimmel uses both of these journalistic clichés to describe the same people when it serves his purpose.“

‚Nasty Boys‘ by Wesley Yang

Guyland | Trailer 2016

In this powerful new film based on his bestselling book, sociologist Michael Kimmel maps the troubling social world where boys become men – a new stage of development he calls „Guyland.“

Arguing that the traditional adult signposts and cultural signals that once helped boys navigate their way to manhood are no longer clear, Kimmel provides an astonishing glimpse into a world where more and more young men are trying desperately to prove their masculinity to other young men – with frequently disastrous consequences for young women and other young men.

‚Guyland‘ offers a way for all of us – parents, young men and women, community members, and professors and administrators – to envision new ways to support young men as they navigate this often perilous world.

Full Transcript (PDF) | Full Documentary ($350)

‚Boys Will Be Boys‘

„And there is a particular irony that I’m going to describe to you, which is on the one hand: There is no more gender equal institution in the United States today than the american college campus.

And yet, the american college campus is also marked by dramatic gender inequality. You may call it daytime and nighttime.“

Michael Kimmel on ‚Boys Will Be Boys: Deconstructing Masculinity and Manhood‘ at Dartmouth in 2013

Workshop: Männliche Psychogeographie

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Men’s Studies

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