Top 10 Manly Tear Moments in Movies

Top 10 Manly Tear Moments in Movies

Even the toughest of men need the odd cry now and then.

For this list, we’re looking at those big screen scenes when a man tries to hold back crying, but ends up with watery eyes or letting the odd tear slip down his cheek. We’re excluding heavy sobbing scenes to focus on the smaller, less obvious tears here.

Kerls! Eine Safari durch die männliche Psyche | Von Angelika Hager
Machonomics / Katrine Marçal
Andy Murray Corrects The Casual Sexism Of A Journalist
How Movies Teach Manhood / Colin Stokes
How Men React To Their Girlfriends, Daughters and Moms Getting Catcalled
Beautiful Boy | By Felix Van Groeningen
Jacky im Königreich der Frauen / Riad Sattouf
Looking at Men: Art, Anatomy and the Modern Male Body | Anthea Callen
Frauenbilder nach MännerDrehbuch | Auslöser #2/2018
Männlichkeit, Repräsentation und Gesellschaft | Radio Corax

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