Top 10 Manly Tear Moments in Movies

Top 10 Manly Tear Moments in Movies

Even the toughest of men need the odd cry now and then.

For this list, we’re looking at those big screen scenes when a man tries to hold back crying, but ends up with watery eyes or letting the odd tear slip down his cheek. We’re excluding heavy sobbing scenes to focus on the smaller, less obvious tears here.

See The Light | Meltdown
Audio-Essay: Das verteufelte Geschlecht / Christoph Kucklick
Der weisse Mann / Luca Di Blasi
Dunkle Materie, AstroSperma, PornoPsychologie
Top 3 Moments In Male Fragility | By Francesca Fiorentini
Stephen Colbert White-Mansplains Beyonces Lemonade
Pornotopia: Architektur, Sexualität und Multimedia im Playboy | Von Paul B. Preciado
Graffiti – Gefühle und Gewühle
Gender Pay Gap | News December 2017
Men Are Still Good II.

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